Watch “Galactic Center, Everything Connected, Special Video Tonight | S0 News May.28.2021” on YouTube

The cosmic web is real. Everything is connected. He has a new video coming out tonight on climate science that’s going to be brutal. I’m all for the brutal truth.

Commanding fearlessness and empowered questioning are the attributes tonight so he is right in synchronicity with the Hidden Wisdom today; YELLOW 5 RADIANT WARRIOR. I hope he wins the fight. You don’t sit back if you’re attacked. If you know you’re right you have to come back stronger. It’s your duty to DEFEAT ERROR. That’s not ego. It’s dedication to more correct information so people are EMPOWERED! He said, “We’re marching out the troops to battle this evening.” Exact. lol

Evil is just error folks. It’s not about being right it’s about being correct and truthful. No one does that anymore. He does. I do. Michael Salla and Corey Goode do also.

Those of us who are armchair in a field we feel authoritative in are up against a wall. Ben has a few advanced degrees and has jumped the academic hoops in other fields but not formally in astronomy. He’s attacked for that.

I don’t have a degree in molecular biology either but I did formally study anatomy and the body to become a D.N. and I have two other degrees in the arts as well. That, and biology is not a difficult field. Chemistry is difficult. And quantum physics is not hard for me to understand at all but that’s just how my brain works. And I’ve had my hands ON the human body for 20 years in a successful private practice. And I already have one published book and several smaller ones. In addition I’ve studied synchronicity and the Tzolkin for thirty years.

Life experience counts but the lab rats with no imagination or guts who kiss every ass that comes through the door want to destroy people who dont have a PhD as though those letters mean that you’re a demigod. People who have passion work their asses off every day of their lives on their subject matter.

Science has been hi-hacked by the likes of the Deep State and those of us with guts, a brain and a connection to Source are speaking out. We need a new system of understanding ourselves, our bodies, and the universe and it doesn’t come with a pension and control from the government and their secretive agenda in corporate interests, not ours!

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