Daily Oracle; Sunday

I Define in order to Enlighten. Measuring Life I seal the Matrix of Universal Fire with the Self-Existing tone of Form. I am guided by the power of intelligence.

Today we land on Yellow 4 Self-existing Sun ∞Blue 4 Self-Existing Storm. That synchronicity is exact. We are in an astronomical SUN STORM and they are analog supports for one another in the Tzolkin. We are alao having a rainstorm in MI.

Saturn just turned retrograde today which directly affects Blue Night and Yellow Warrior kin. Also, anyone who has either if those in their birth themeplex the attributes may go in the opposite direction. Blue Night is my antipode so I am not going to make any changes to my business until October.

Saturn rules work, projects and discipline.

  • The Guide Power this morning is 4Histidine or Yellow 4 Self-Existing Warrior; This is a “figure it out for yourself” pulse today. For instance; these dire predictions now come from everyone; this fellow, Corey, the two Michael’s and Dr. Greer. The Tzolkin says it’s 13,000 and 26,000 year cycles, not 12, 000. Why are white hat disclosure folks still on 12:60 time? They’re not hooked in galactically and are REACTING all the time to 3D politics and science, competing as males do with each other. I think this may all be off by 1000 years. I hope it is.
  • The antipode is 4Aspartic Acid or White 4 Self-Existing Dog. Love yourself, listen to your instinct and your gut. Sure, you can consider what others say but don’t necessarily obey or swallow it. Vibe on it.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 10Cysteine or Red 10 Planetary Dragon; Manifested blood memory, instinct, and primordial mother.
  • 5GForce is 10Stop Codon or Yellow 10 Planetary Sun; This is LITERAL. The Sun’s energy is manifesting ON THE EARTH and affecting us. Nausea, joint pain, sluggishness, brain fog, etc. I listed the symptoms yesterday. All we can do is drink water and rest.

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