Mainstream UFO Report on 60 MINUTES

The link below is written by a fellow blogger that I follow. While it’s written beautifully in the spirit of oneness of my blog here, I have no words for how behind we are going to find people on knowing the DETAILS of specific ET groups. their history, what they look like and where they live. For instance, here, on earth, with us, as us and we are them. We are all humanoid as well.

It will be too easy to paint our stellar ancestors as enemies out of ignorance. It will be too easy for disclosure to put one over on navel gazing christians who’ve trusted mainstream media all this time and don’t know squat about anything past this planet. Educate friends and families pronto that elite secretive humans posing as E.T. with their tech are not to be trusted. And MSM isn’t Moses coming down the mountain with the ten commandments.

Get on,, thirdphaseof moon on youtube,, this blog and more

Time to TURN THE TV OFF AND EDUCATE YOURSELF. MSM has no authority here.

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