Saturday Daily Reading; May.22.2021

The events on our sun directly affect our bodies. Our immune systems have to deal with it. If you have acute, unusual but passing mild nausea, lower appetite, dizzy, joint pain, mild difference in eyesight, weird headache that’s not usual for you and moodiness it could easily be caused by these major solar events that are hitting this 12,000 year 3D cycle.

Maybe by 3020 we’ll have completed the 13,000 year multidimensional changes bc according to the Tzolkin it’s 13,000 and 26,000 year cycles.

I activate in order to Catalyze. Bonding Energy I seal the Matrix of Self-Generation with the Electric tone of Service. I am guided by the power of abundance.
  • Theme is 3Tryptophan or Blue 3 Electric Storm in synchronicity with the space weather video. We are getting hit now by the superficial energies. Stronger ones come on Monday. This is activating our light bodies, thus my comments about the physical above.
  • Analog is literally 3Stop Codon or Yellow 3 Electric Sun. That could not be more synchronous. We are activating our enlightenment as a species. Some will awaken, some will leave the planet. It’s fine either way. No judgment folks.
  • Guide Power this morning is 3Alanine or Blue 3 Electric Night. We are activating our intuition if it isn’t already activated. Learn to trust your gut. It’s logical to trust your intuition people. Drop the gender bias about this. Men and women are both capable of using their higher mind which is intuition. It’s not emotional per se. You use you emotions as a flag and then think it through with the higher mind.
  • Antipode this afternoon is 3Methionine or Red 3 Electric Moon. This is activating a new DNA/RNA sequence for our light body. It’s mediated by Mercury. Mercury squares (challenges) Neptune (intuition) today, (Red Dragon G Force) and we are reminded to tune into our spiritual needs, which might at first feel chaotic (Tone 11 on Red Dragon) as we adjust. It’s not easy to follow facts, directions, and instructions–we can be distracted or we may hear them incorrectly. Uncertainty can keep us from making verbal commitments. Conversations may be vague. This is an effect of Moon in Libra. This aspect challenges us to see things differently. Mercury will return to this square in early June while retrograde, and then again in early July. Conversations and situations we encounter now can return to our attention later.
  • Hidden Wisdom 11Glycine or White 11 Spectral Wind. Again, very in sync with what it happening with the solar wind and solar storms on our Sun. This is releasing a new level of Spirit.
  • 5Gforce is 11Cysteine or Red 11 Spectral Dragon. This is some cosmic dissolution of the original Draco or Dragon vibe that seeded life on earth. It’s rough energy. We’re changing timelines from past to present to future back to present, blood memory, primordial mother.

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