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Welcome to my 10 new followers! Everything is getting more interesting on our little planet so you joined at a good time. It’s not easy to know who to trust but it’s definitely not the T.V.

I usually post in the morning, ideally at 8am EST. I’m up at 6am vibing, meditating and feeling it all flow in for my followers. Workout is 9-10. Then I have holistic and Reiki patients from Noon-6 so I squeeze it in. Your likes, comments and attention to my posts means a lot. Thanks.

Lisa. Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker.

P.S. Let me know if you’d like me to do your Mayan Themeplex Chart. Peace.✌

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  1. Good Morning Lisa 🌞
    I would like for you to do my Mayan chart.
    My BD is 08/12/1966
    Time of birth is 0438 in Church Falls- Fairfax, Va
    Lemme know how much it is and how you accept payment.
    I really, really enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for all you do. Instead of watching the news, I rely on your guidance for hope and peace to come.

    1. You’re so welcome. Glad to help. The chart is $75. You can paypal it to 616-328-4242. Maybe give me birthdays of mate, best friend, mother an father so I can look at their connection to you. I won’t be doing their chart.

      1. Ok. Palpal sent.
        My friend with benefits BD is 02/10/1964.
        My best friend BD is 09/09/1986
        I don’t remember my mother’s BD. She has been gone a very long time. And I don’t know who my father was.
        Thank you so much. Looking forward to this as I have been following you and wanting ro do this for a while.

      2. Good Morning Melissa. Just starting on this. What is your email so I can send it there? Also, any children’s bdays to consider?

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