Friday Daily Reading; May.21.2021

I polarize in order to Reflect. Stabilizing Order I seal the matrix of Endlessness with the polar tone of Challenge. I am guided by the power of Heart.
  • Theme: 2Tyrosine or White 2 Mirror; polarizing reflection on an issue.
  • Analog is 2Cysteine or Red 2 polar Dragon; challenge to blood memory and what our parents believed incorrectly.
  • Guide Power is 2Aspartic Acid or White 2 Dog which is stabilizing love and loyalty from Source.
  • Antipode is 2Leucine or Yellow 2 Polar Star or challenge to our intelligence and harmony.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 12Alanine or Blue 12 Crystal Night which is logical communal, powerful mystery.
  • 5GForce is 12Glycine or White 12 Crystal Wind; Communal Communication plus the Sun is now in Gemini.

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