Wednesday Daily Reading; End of the Yellow Seed 13-day Cycle. 13Histidine. We have our Thinking Caps on.

Since the theme for today is QUESTIONING, my question is, “What does it mean to transcend fearlessness?

  • Go beyond being absent of fear and be full of something.
  • Full of faith or intelligence?
  • From where? The Sun. The Universe, Your intuition. Synchronicity?

As a cosmic tone, we endure to be of service on this prison planet of programmed minds. I have little to no fear because my BODY EXISTS. I claim the power of my body to guide my destiny. I change the way I want it with work. By no means am I perfect the way our Tone 10 people tend to believe they are. I have error in judgment if I’m tired, overextended, or need to drink more water and less coffee to support my brain.

The only way we can up-level our minds is if we take care of our bodies and don’t expect anyone else to do it for us. That’s intelligent.

I Endure in order to Question. Transcending Fearlessness I seal the output of Intelligence with the Cosmic tone of Presence. I am guided by the power of Universal Fire.
  • Theme; 13Histidine or Yellow 13 Cosmic Warrior-Enduring Intelligence
  • Analog; 13 Alanine or Blue 13 Cosmic Night. Synchronicity, his mention of TESLA in the video. Tesla was Blue 4 Night. This is the presence of big intuition, dreaming, mystery, logical and powerful, introspective and deep. Tesla was all of that. Most Blue Night people are. They are introverts
  • Guide Power this morning; 13StopCodon or Yellow 13 Cosmic Sun. This is synchronicity with his worry and focus on the Sun Spot Cycle and the Barnard Star more toward Galactic Center. It’s been activated.
  • Antipode this afternoon; 13 Threonine or White 13 Cosmic World Bridger. Cosmic death or change. Hmmm, Cosmic Transmutation.
  • Hidden Wisdom at dusk. Dusk is after sunset by the way right before it’s almost completely dark or twilight. 1Serine or Red 1 Magnetic Serpent is attracting intimate, passion sexual instinct. Along with the antipode, it looks like one relationship might end and new one begin for some kin.
  • 5GForce; 1Valine or Yellow 1 Seed which was the kin that started this 13-day cycle. Magnetic, focused awareness and targeting.

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