Here We Go!

Interesting timing of the fake CDC unmasking permission with official Disclosure coming in June. It’s because the black hats are losing.

The masks never were necessary. It was a psyop contol, everybody knew it and tolerated it anyway. I didn’t. Now they’re trying to use the vaccine as a control.device. Get the jab or glue it to your face forever. How rational is that? They’re going to lose.

If people knew the truth about what the military has been keeping secret that is SPECIFICALLY FOR HUMANS to thrive you would never kiss the ass of any institution (state, church or educational) on the planet run by the elite again.

For those that have been working the front lines of Disclosure since post WWII and have SEEN IT up close this is peanuts. For people like me who have believed their whole lives this is a reckoning and a delight.

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