Sunday Reading; May.16.2021

The coordinates of the Cyclone heading for the NW coast of India are 20° N, 73° E . That falls in the Red Dragon Time Portal. The synchronicity that I see is that while we are in Yellow Seed 13-day wave spell, it hit in HF36 which started with Red 11 Spectral Dragon and that is one of two OMEGA POINTS in the Tzolkin. It counts as prominent. Omega means ending.

The weather on our planet is caused by the Sun. The changes on the Sun are directly ordered by the Harmonic Matrix from Galactic Center which are directly tied to the group movements of mind and heart on Earth; ALL SPECIES as a collective in addition to Universal Timing of Cycles. You’re not going to see that ancient knowledge discussed on Suspicious Observers. He may get it but he’s not going to talk about it. Science will not acknowledge the potent, literal energy of sentient thoughts and feelings from natural species.

It’s talked about as though we have no choice and are victims, like the amazingly illegal edict from Biden that unless you get the jab you have to superglue a mask to your face 24/7 and maybe if he feels like it, put you in jail and throw away the key? Because you have natural antibodies in your immune system? That’s the level we are now folks. It’s completely irrational and unconstitutional but we’ve been there and done that already. These criminals are moot in the Universal Circuit now and are laughable.

Quantum Physics is the only scientific field that has proven that the energy of the observer of any event changes the movement and outcome of that event.

I Perfect in order to Explore. Producing Wakefulness I seal the Output of Space with the Planetary tone of Manifestation. I am guided by the power of Birth. I am a galactic activation portal…enter me.
  • Theme; 10Glutamine or Red 10 Planetary Skywalker; Perfected movement and perspective. Don’t bother arguing. Freedom and free will as social principles are correct because they are Universal Law. Irrational restriction, edicts and psychopathic control are incorrect and will have karmic consequences from Universal Law.
  • Analog; 10Threonine or White 10 Planetary World Bridger; Perfected equalization and balance of species, surrender, multidimensional awareness, community oriented and grounded in Spirit. All Good. Death and Change may have to come forth to achieve balance.
  • Guide Power this morning is 10 Cysteine or Red 10 Planetary Dragon. There it is!! I didn’t see that earlier and is in synchronicity with the cyclone.
  • Antipode this afternoon is 10Alanine or Blue 10 Planetary Night. Perfect MYSTERY, logic, powerful, conservative, organized, introspective, strength to endure, facing possibility.
  • Hidden Wisdom at dusk is 4Leucine or Yellow 4 Self-Existing Star; Art coming into FORM.
  • 5GForce; 4Isoleucine or Blue 4 Self-Existing Hand; Getting your healing work accomplished alone.

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