Where are the Amino Acids in the Body?

They’re everywhere, in every cell of our bodies.

Can you look at these and name THE ORACLE ARCHETYPE for it? Memorize them.
  • Glycine-White Wind, White refining kin
  • Alanine-Blue Night, Blue transforming kin
  • Valine-Yellow Seed, Yellow ripening kin
  • Proline-lesser Stop Codon
  • Serine-Red Serpent, Red Initiating kin from The Dragon (The Draco)
  • Asparagine-Blue Eagle, Blue transforming kin
  • Phenylalanine-Red Earth, Red initiating kin from The Dragon
  • Tyrosine-White Mirror, White refining kin
  • Histidine-Yellow Warrior, Yellow Ripening kin
  • Cysteine-Red Dragon, Red initiating kin, THE DRAGON ITSELF, blood memory, primordial mother, our oldest ancestor whose DNA is IN US
  • Threonine-White World Bridger, White refining kin
  • Methionine the START CODON of all DNA sequencing-Red Moon, Red initiating kin from THE DRAGON. They began initiating the Human DNA sequence
  • Leucine-Yellow Star, Yellow refining kin
  • Tryptophan-BLUE STORM-Blue transforming kin, #19 at the end of our ascension we need to be self-generating. That’s the goal. Listen to the Blue Storm kin message!
  • Glutamine-Red Skywalker, Red initiating kin from Red Dragon
  • Aspartic Acid-White Dog, White refining kin
  • Isoleucine-Blue Hand, Blue Transforming kin
  • Glutamic Acid-Yellow ripening kin
  • Arginine-Blue Eagle, Blue transforming kin
  • Lysine-White Wizard, White refining kin

Resting skeletal muscle normally releases –

  • glutamine (Red Skywalker) and
  • alanine (Blue Night, its antipode) in large quantities; they can represent from 50–100% of the amino acid efflux in the fasted and fed states, respectively, whereas
  • glutamate (Yellow Human) is the dominant amino acid that is taken up by skeletal muscle (8, 9, 11).

There are five dominant amino acid in  bone including;

  • glycine (White Wind) (21.2-36.7%),
  • proline (lesser stop codon) (8.7-11.7%), hydroxyproline (5.3-9.6%),
  • alanine (Blue Night) given to bones BY the muscle (8.48-12.9%), and
  • glutamic acid (Yellow Human)activated by the muscles (7.23-10.15%).

The data at this link is fascinating but long. The short of it is, with regard to the BRAIN and Central Nervous System, it is once again Red Skywalker, Blue Night, Yellow Human, White Dog, and Red Serpent!


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