In the Very Long Mayan Time Cycle We are in Time Cell Five, The Matrix

Mayan Dreamspell Time Cells

I haven’t talked about this very much trying to acclimate you to the other aspects of Mayan Time Keeping. Now that I’ve introduced you to the double strands of our DNA being CA (Civilizational Advance, past to present) and AC (Aboriginal Continuity, future to present) we need to be aware of the fact that in the Long Count we are in TIME CELL FIVE: The Matrix.

We could easily say that each time cell represents 4000 years so that all together it’s 20,000 years. It may even be 40,000 for each harmonic and then 400,000 years. It wouldn’t be hard to add zeros. What is the actual date of the Red Dragon Tribe with it’s sulfuric acid ways started things here? The planet was started by FIRE and BLOOD, thus on the CA timeline, which are the first 9 archetypes, we have the RIGHT FIRE HAND and RIGHT BLOOD FOOT. That is Time cells one and two and Red Moon which starting the DNA sequencing with Methionine.

Then we have the Left Truth Hand and Sky Foot for the next 9 tribes. At some distant point in Time, Time Cell Three and Four commenced and here we are like ants running all over the planet. According to the Urantia Book, the human race is only one million years old whereas all other DNA life came before us in the past time cells.

Here in Time Cell 5 we begin with Red Earth, an AWARENESS OF SYNCHRONICITY, how to navigate the energy here, our energy bodies, vortexes, quantum physics, energy healing, the Aquarian Age (Uranus mediates Red Earth and Aquarius) and we JUST began the Age of Aquarius a few months ago if you remember.

I don’t know how long it’s going to take to move through this Time Cell but you can see we end up as our Solar Selves aligned with our Star, The Sun. But first we have to go through a time of Reflection and Transformation. This will not be a quick process. I just wanted you to see that evolution of Life on Earth is an orderly process from initiation, refinement, transformation and ripening.

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