Friday Daily Reading

Blue Monkey today is archetypal of the illusive holographic matrix in which we live. I’m working on that section of my book for part two and will post something about holograms. The Mind is a magnet supported by INTENTION. Then we appear as does everything else. The Universe is made of conscious Mind ever evolving.

I Harmonize in order to Play. Modeling Illusion I seal the Process of Magic with the Galactic tone of Integrity. I am guided by the power of Vision. I am a galactic activation portal…enter me.
  • Theme; 8 Asparagine or Blue 8 Galactic Monkey; Modeling Magic and Play
  • Analog; 8 Leucine or Yellow 8 Galactic Star; Harmonizing beauty and art
  • Guide Power this morning; 8 Arginine or Blue 8 Galactic Eagle; The integrity of a vision and creative mind
  • Antipode this afternoon; 8 Cysteine or Red 8 Galactic Dragon; Integrity of the primordial mother, birth, and being
  • Hidden Wisdom at dusk; 6 Aspartic Acid or White 6 Rhythmic Dog; balancing life with a faithful companion or dreaming up one and intending it to manifest, if that’s what you want
  • 5GForce; 6 Methionine or Red 6 Rhythmic Moon; indicative of Jupiter moving into Pisces.

Jupiter leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces today. Jupiter mediates Blue Eagle ∞Yellow Seed which pulses on the Guide Power this morning. Synchronicity.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune which mediates Red Dragon ∞White Mirror which pulses on the antipode this afternoon, synchronicity, so STARTING NOW we will be feeling this Jupiter transit switch.

Moving from Aquarius to Pisces the expansion and adventure of JUPITER will now hit our feelings (Red Moon), romantic inclination, dreams, daydreams, indecision and a sense of floating through life through July as summer kicks in as of June 21. We have one more month of spring.

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