Thursday Reading-White 7 Resonant Dog

We pulse on 7Aspartic Acid or White 7 Resonant Dog. We switched over to the AC or aboriginal continuity timeline; future back to present.

The content of this video is not bad news if we’re moving into a better world. The way of nature is the old has to die away for something better to replace it so, take his tone and “end of the world” with a grain of salt, or maybe several shakes of the salt shaker.

Electrical problems? Indian Ocean earthquake. That is the Blue Storm Time Portal area. Yesterday had Blue 6 Rhythmic Storm as it’s antipode. Synchronicity.

We are sentient humans on this planet, not ants and we are children of God. Obviously, my beliefs differ from his which is not unusual between stark, dark “realistic” scientists, and artists, creative people, shaman, and healers who experience emergent intuitive life as opposed to reductionist data because our hearts are open. It’s a choice. He is observing and analyzing data in 3D but we live in a multidimensional universe so…

The testimony of those who have experienced the other dimensions and entities IN THEM directly have a different perspective on the 3D world; one we think or know is more realistic.

I Channel in order to Love. Inspiring Loyalty I seal the Process of Heart with the Resonant tone of Attunement. I am guided by the power of Spirit. I am a galactic activation portal. Enter me.
  • Theme-7Aspartic Acid or White 7 Resonant Dog; an inspiring, strong leader and guardian
  • Analog-7Methionine or Red 7 Resonant Moon; commitment and integrity that is strong in feelings and expansive. These two archetype rule our grounding in the body; thighs down to feet.
  • Guide Power this morning is 7Glycine or White 7 Resonant Wind; committed to relationships that are in the spirit of truth, idealistic
  • Antipode this afternoon is 7 Stop Codon or Yellow 7 Resonant Sun; Channeling universal fire, uncompromising and unified whole. This is Corey Good’s birth theme-plex and very possibly why he was chosen to a messenger of the benevolent Blue Spheres and Blue Avian
  • Hidden Wisdom at dusk-7Asparagine or Blue 7 Resonant Monkey; Connected to those you trust artistically, creator of a higher life.
  • 5GForce; ITSELF-White 7 Dog. This is a very powerful GForce.

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