The 0-19 Code in the Body

The anatomical alignment text below was made clear to me at 2:30 am

The holographic matrix is our body in 3D, and time and space 4D and expanding outward perpetually. But all dimensions of the Matrix ARE IN OUR BODIES. They don’t want us to know how powerful we are when mind and heart are open and aligned with galactic center.

The left side of the image looking at it is CA, civilization advance or past to present which is KARMIC

The left side looking at the body is AC, aboriginal continuity or future to present which is PROPHETIC.

Remember, anatomically the body lemniscates meaning left brain controls the right side of the body and right brain controls the left side of the body  so theme and analog, left and right ARE ONE.

I’m going from Tribe 0 to 19. It’s the 0-19 code and note that your tribe plus your analog adds up to 19.

This applies to you standing in your body,right hand and left hand.

0 Yellow Sun right brain
1 Red Dragon right eye
2 White Wind right, nose, cheek, tongue and mouth, chin
3 Blue Night right neck
4 Yellow Seed right shoulder tissue above breast
5 Red Serpent right breast/pec, lungs and heart, upper arm
6 White WB right side of thorax below breast and all of those organs down to navel;S.I., stomach, appendix, liver, gallbladder, kidneys.
7 Blue Hand right forearm and hand
8 Yellow Star right glut, right sexual area and anus in back on front
9 Red Moon- right thigh, leg and foot TISSUE

10 White Dog- left thigh, leg and foot TISSUE
11 Blue Monkey- left glut and left sexual area anterior and anus in back
12 Yellow Human left forearm and hand
13 Red Skywalker left side of thorax below breast and all organs down to navel; S.I., stomach, appendix, liver, gallbladder, kidneys.
14 White Wizard left breast/pec, lungs and heart upper arm
15 Blue Eagle left shoulder tissue above breast
16 Yellow Warrior left neck
17 Red Earth left nose, cheek, tongue and mouth and chin
18 White Mirror left eye
19 Blue Storm left brain

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