Get Ready for This One. That Big Strapping Reptilian Fellow Reminds of Several People I Know. Click the link

In the Mayan Harmonic, the Reptilian DNA started with the Draco or the Red Dragon DNA, then evolved up to Red Serpent, then evolved up to Red Moon!!! (How about that), then evolved to Red Skywalker (my group), then Red Earth (Synchronicity and navigation).

My boyfriend who died was Red 1 Serpent and he was a big strapping HUMAN like this but he had a big head, eyes shaped like this, and a powerful presence. The same goes for my ex husband who was White 4 Wizard, the analog. The Yellow Seed people who are HUMAN tend to look powerful like this, also have a strong aura and are mediated by Jupiter. The Red tribes and Yellow Seed are not to be trifled with by my experience.

My point is, not all Reptilians are on the dark side. Be careful. They are powerful beings and they are our ancestors but without their DNA from all five of the Red tribes, we would not have survived on this planet. Look at my strong, serious face that intimidates most people. It’s Mars and Maldek (same thing). Neptune, Mercury and Uranus come in there to give the Red Tribe kin powerful imagination, communication and innovation.

The truth is, OUR MODERN DAY HUMANS are the ones who have betrayed us, the sold out elite who love money more than Love and on it goes. We’ll see what Michael has to say in this.

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