Monday Reading; May.10.2021

I Define in order to know. Measuring Healing I seal the store of accomplishment with the self-existing tone of form. I am guided by the power of abundance. I am a galactic activation portal…enter me.
  • Theme is 4 Isoleucine or Blue 4 Hand; Self-Existing peacefulness
  • Analog is 4 Glutamic Acid or Yellow 4 Self-Existing Human; Organized, measuring form of healing, competency and skill
  • Guide Power this morning is 4 Alanine or Blue 4 Self-existing Night; Unconscious, dreamy, organization, introspective and deep.
  • Antipode this afternoon is 4 Phenylalanine or Red 4 Earth; defining how to govern earth force, shield, earth keeper and crystal healer
  • Hidden Wisdom is 10 Planetary Lysine or White 10 Wizard; Manifesting in perfection psychic senses, heart knowing and spiritual connection
  • 5GForce is 10 Glutamine or Red 10 Skywalker; Planetary wakefulness and movement. Deciding what to DO with the information coming to you.

Interplanetary Holon Synchronicity

The Sun and Moon are in Taurus whose co-ruler, but I think ruler, is EARTH. They say Taurus is ruled by Venus. I feel Libra is ruled by Venus. Blue Hand and Yellow Human are mediated by Earth.

We are one day before a New Moon which can be more potent than a Full Moon depending on the alignment. Mercury alignments are making us a bit hyper which wakes us up from the G.P. unconscious state with Blue Night and support the Antipode and Hidden Wisdom. Problem solving ability is high from BOTH ORACLES; Mayan and Astrology.

Try to stay on the AC (future into the present) timeline if there is a problem with motivation and resentment. Red Earth, White Wizard and Red Skywalker in the theme-plex infuse a focus on the future to bring into the present.

If someone near you is jealous or harping on the past or sizing you up by your past, ignore them. I decided this morning that has to be the efficient remedy for people who are not strong or supportive of your advancement because they don’t manifest their own advancement. They can’t support you if they don’t support themselves and we all need to accept that reality. Stop wishing it were different and leave them to themselves. There is an eternal stream of people who are asleep to their OWN POWER and will not be happy for you when you relay the facts of your success.

The younger generations are better about this. The people in my generation are not. Born in 1963. I prefer the younger generation B. 1990-2000. They are more awake to equity and equality of power.

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