Watch “Solar Flare, Big Eruption, Preview the End of the World | S0 News May.8.2021” on YouTube

If this solar flare is really going to hit earth, I don’t see how we’ll survive. It’s not as though we can be Sun activists and assert ourselves saying “I want to live”.

We are going to need some help from Galactic Center on this one, unless he’s wrong. But I don’t think he is. Fear isn’t going to help anything but having facts will so we can adjust.

I polarize in order to survive. Stabilizing instinct, I seal the store of life force with the lunar tone of challenge. I am guided by the power of navigation.
  • Theme-2 Serine or Red 2 Polar Serpent; Stabilizing Life Force
  • Analog-2 Lysine or White 2 Polar Wizard; Polarizing receptivity
  • Guide Power-2 Phenylalanine or Red 2 Earth; Challenging Synchronicity
  • Antipode-2 Arginine or Blue 2 Eagle; Challenging Vision
  • Hidden Wisdom-12 Histidine or Yellow 12 Warrior; Cooperative intelligence
  • 5GForce-12 Arginine or Blue 12 Eagle; Cooperative Mind

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