A Perfect Example of 13:20-12:60 Unifying the Body or DNA in Time

When the circle (the ZERO) is twisted into two strands it’s the lemniscate or symbol for eternity, it is also the number 8 or 4 x 2 which is the principle of holism in the body. Earth, nature and the body are rooted in FOUR, or self-existing.

Biological fact;

The average person is born with 33 individual bones (the vertebrae) that interact and connect with each other through flexible joints called facets. By the time a person becomes an adult most have only 24 distinct vertebrae (the principle of 4 in the body) because some vertebrae at the bottom end of the spine fuse together during normal growth and development.

We have S1-5 and I1-4 which most people call their tailbone. The math; 33-9=24. (This was shown to me at 3:30am)

HF 33 is right in the center of the mystic column, which in the Tzolkin, relates to our spine. HF33 pulses to the lumbar spine. It is a transfer point of QI in the body between CA, civilization advance, and AC, aboriginal continuity timelines just as it is in The Tzolkin. The past is remembered and comes forward through the upper body; Yellow Sun down to Red Moon and the future comes into the present below the navel, White Dog through Blue Storm.

CA Timeline; past to present; HF1-33 first part

  • Yellow Sun; top of head, 7th crown chakra, Enlightenment
  • Red Dragon; 6th chakra, forehead, eyes and third eye, brain, Ancestral memory, primordial Mother, Being, creative energy, personal power, identity, the ID
  • White Wind; Nose, mouth, sinus, ears, the part you put a mask on; Spirit, communication, breath, presence of truth, inspiration
  • Blue Night; 5th Chakra, throat, neck; self-expression, singing, meditation, poetry, music, art
  • Yellow Seed: shoulders, pecs, upper arms; strength, potential, active, reaching from the heart
  • Red Serpent; Progeny of Red Dragon; elbows, breasts, mother, survival, desire to live, passion, Desire, Life Force, Instinct
  • White World Bridger; 4th Chakra, Heart, Liver, Gallbladder, small intestine, lungs; Death and Change, balancing the body, equalization of forces, transmutation
  • Blue Hand; Stomach, Eating, Hunger, Blood Sugar; Accomplishment, opener of gateways, manifesting into physical. We have to eat.
  • Yellow Star; 3rd Power Chakra, Upper thorax, Core Muscles, appendix; Way shower, self-esteem, personal power, confidence, elegance, art,
  • Red Moon; Progeny of Red Dragon; Navel, intestines, seat of emotional brain, umbilical cord to mother, ancestral QI, belly dancing, hips, top of the pelvis, Lumbar vertebrae 1, 2, 3; Universal Water, Feelings, 2nd Chakra, emotional, self-remembering, fantasy prone, romantic expander

This was the first 10 archetypes on the left.

AC Timeline Future back to Present-HF33, bottom part to HF65. It’s almost all muscle and bone full of DNA which can be mutated with workout.

  • White Dog; Lumbar vertebrae L4, and L5, Uterus, all reproductive organs, walking muscles, upper thighs, highly sexual area, Chakra 1; love, loyalty, heart (my values down there! but I’m not hip.), helpful, guardian, protection, companion, consistent, faithful, team player. (Now you begin to see how the media and our society has HIJACKED this timeline from women and men to control our future. It all starts with how they portray human sexuality. It’s materialistic vampiring, Time is Money/Sex)
  • Blue Monkey; thighs, hip joints; Play, manifestation and grounding of magic, movement, physical workout, walking, running, jumping, athletic.
  • Yellow Human; The gluts, anus, lower butt muscles. Inner thigh/adductors, sexual; deep walking muscles
  • Red Skywalker; Progeny of Red Dragon, Outer thigh/abductors, ; initiates movement, explores, awake to earth ways and how to move on it in the body, a traveler, gypsy
  • White Wizard; KNEES that RECEIVE kinetic energy to move, sensitive area to touch; Receptiveness to spiritual movement.
  • Blue Eagle; outer lower leg tissue; grounded to be able to take flight in the mind, create
  • Yellow Warrior; inside leg tissue; receptive transmitter, intelligent and graceful
  • Red Earth; Progeny of Red Dragon, ankles; can feel earth synchronicity, tracks clues, collects synergy between heaven and earth, governs the earth force through the ankles.
  • White Mirror; top of the feet and toes; grounds to reflect order and endlessness. The tops of your feet receive all of the energy from above. Vibe on your feet and feel how intense foot energy is. This is the analog of Red Dragon.
  • Blue Storm; bottom of the feet and toes. Your feet MOVE YOU. They catalyze earth energy from the bottom of the feet and send it up the spine to the head!! They receive energy and allow you to self-generate by getting moving. Your feet MOVE you! They liberate your mind and intention ONTO the earth. They show you what choices you’re making from up top, they are an activator of ascension.

Babies come from the future into the present right into HF33 in the womb and then down the the next few harmonics. HF 34-65 is manifested in time from the future through everything in our lower bodies. The lower body is prophetic and creates our future through movement.

That is the sacrum, the bony plate at the base of the spine that comes before the ischial spine that curves under and goes into the body. It used to be our tail. It is the seat of the KUNDALINI, the rak fire or the Dragon Fire that started our lives on this planet through the primordial mother; RED DRAGON TRIBE.

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