The Interplanetary Holon; What is Time Travel?

Keep this image somewhere so you can look at it. It shows how the Mayan DNA as Time syncs up with astrology in our local solar system. There are 10 planets and 20 tribes of time.

As far as the movement of time, please note that the left side, galactic karmic inbreath is CA, civilizational advance which an awareness of past to present. These kin will perceive life that way. We are on the left side as of yesterday with Yellow 10 Sun.

The right side in 9 days is AC, aboriginal continuity or perception of the future first, then seen in the present. It’s the solar-prophetic outbreath. These kin are prophetic outliers, unable to be controlled by the reigning paradigm of preoccupation with the past. They can see the future.

It is important to note that YOUR ANALOG is on the opposite side from your tribe so BOTH timelines are always functioning at the same time in us and on the planet. This is TIME TRAVEL. It is in our minds and thus in our awareness.

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