Monday S.O. In Synchronicity with the Theme; 10 Planetary Yellow Sun and it’s analog, Lightning Dominated Blue 10 Storm

I’m sorry I didn’t get this up this morning. True to Yellow 10 Star, my baby grand piano was returned to me fulfilling justice and karma. It’s a happy day and I was very busy with patients. I do what I can.

  • Theme; 10 Planetary Stop Codon or Yellow 10 Planetary Sun; Enlightenment, Universal Fire
  • Analog; 10 Planetary Tryptophan or Blue 10 Planetary Storm; Catalyze, Self-Generation
  • Guide Power; 10 Leucine or Yellow 10 Planetary Star; Art, Music, and Beauty
  • Antipode; 10 Aspartic Acid or White 10 Planetary Dog; Love and Loyalty. Heart Focus
  • Hidden Wisdom: 4 Cysteine or Red 4 Self-Existing Dragon; Nurture, Being, and Birth
  • 5GForce: 4 Stop Codon or Yellow 4 Self-Existing SUN; Same as the Theme

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