Chiron is in Aries Currently, Mediated by Red Skywalker and White White Worldbridger. They are all Ruled by Mars Which is in Turmoil Right Now

“Chiron, called the Wounded Healer, is the planet of healing and acknowledgment of concealed trauma. and spends anywhere from two to eight years in each sign.

With Chiron in Aries there are opportunities for humanity to grow in understanding of its deepest and most hidden traumas, especially those affecting the assertion of self in a higher way or in dealing with challenging feelings regarding our own self-acceptance.

The level of progress that is possible now through individual action in concert with societal needs is extraordinary.”

Chiron Declination: 6.4 (6:23)

I posted this because the struggle to accept these global circumstances during this paradigm shift come down to enacting SELF SOVEREIGNTY and doing the work that it calls for…or not.

“Not” means acquiescing, obeying their mandates, refusing to adapt, adjust or change given the fact that the elite giving the orders and controlling the planet are psychopaths not Jesus Christ to be trusted.

You have to lead and control yourself in cooperation with Source or you won’t be able to stay here. This line-up with Chiron is giving us the opportunity to be done with Tiamat-Maldek/Mars trauma and accept that we can’t do on earth what we did there. We cannot destroy earth, blow it up or ruin it because we hate ourselves. We cannot use artificial intelligence without it being checked and balanced by the real intelligence of NATURE.

The E.T. shut down our nukes now. It’s documented with the military. We’re not allowed to play with those toys. We may destroy our individual selves but we may not kill the entire species. We were allowed to come to this planet under the Laws of 4. The entire planet is set up as self-existing tone 4, then galactic, tone 8, then crystal, tone 12. 3D is 12:60 for a reason, even though the Universe is 13:20. The two co-exist together.

We are called and our DNA is organized to Self-love, to become Galactically aware and then Cooperate communally in the Collective AS individuals. It’s in the U.S. Constitution which is why the hatred of said document is evil. Gentrification is not the way of nature but Diversification is. Chirons position in Aries right now solidifies that agenda.

4, 8, 12. That is an EARTH PULSE. The top job right now is to raise your frequency.

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