Major Update on Local Solar System Events from Corey Goode; SSP Alliance. Corey is Yellow 7 Resonant Sun or 7Stop Codon

It’s official!!

I have been working on my update from the SSP Alliance and Gonzales/Mayans. Jenny wants to do some podcasts so I may release it with her.

We are still working out the topics for the first podcast. Among the topics will be their update on the SSP Alliance itself as well as their most up to date info about the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate and how they have locked down corporate cities and facilities on the Moon, Mars and labs and mini colonies on various other heavenly bodies in our Solar System.

The SSP Alliance had made progress in spreading information about atrocities within the Military levels of the MIC SSP because of the intel Sigmund provided to them prior to leaving their service and going to work for the SSP Alliance. This information had made its way across a few of the SSP’s including the Global Galactic League of Nations (GGLN) who we are finding out has recently been working loosely with one of the galactic federations (there are several).

The GGLN is in a position to where they may pull away from the ICC’s leadership/control and become independent human colonies/bases of their own (Break Away Civilization). They are well aware of the future solar flash in our solar system and are preparing in case they are to be one of the few remnants of our species (Just in case). (This is what the S.O. videos are about).

The ICC has also been investigating sabotage missions that have crippled many of their deep space missions as well as caused catastrophic damage to some of the facilities that produce technology used in trade with over 900 other ET races. Because of these operations (By Alliance and people waking up in the programs) the ICC has locked down their facilities in a super fascist manner. We have seen a lot of weird debris falling from the skies recently among other things. The LOC and its MIC SSP equivalent on the surface of Earth have been heavily enforcing the flight corridors with lethal force. There has been a major witch hunt for SSP Alliance moles in all of the SSP’s by order of the ICC. The Dark Fleet, which used its anonymity to operate, has been exposed to the other SSP’s and has mostly gone into self exile hiding out on Human bases built next to Reptilian Bases on Mars, planetoid bodies in our outer solar system and in other star systems.

One of their prisons was taken over after they fled and a massive prison complex for found that housed many types of Beings and Humans as well as a genetic lab on the same premises. Much more to come!

Corey Goode

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