Multidimensional Understanding of How the Sun’s Changes are Affecting Earth and Our DNA Through the Tzolkin

This is a continuation of my last post and it’s very important as you listen to the 3D explanation for Suspicious Observer, NOAA, NASA or any other astronomy site right now. If they are hip to the Earth in Ascension they aren’t talking about it so I am. Most likely they don’t know about it or understand it. Most are wrapped up in Science’s version of things in the present time period, usually the men who are more visual than intuitive. They like direct observation and then reductionist methods to define reality rather than experience something directly, physically and intuitively as women do. There needs to be a new branch of science that includes the Higher Mind of Intuition data.

It would be worth it for you to purchase the book Earth Ascending so you can see the maps and explanation up close and personal and study it along with these posts.

This book is highly enlightening but hard to understand
Enlarge this image to see it close up. Just click on it.

Among the Maya north of the equator, the tool developed for recording the binary pulsation of the sunspots was the sacred calendar, with its cycle of thirteen units repeated twenty times for a total of 260 days. Sixteen of these Tzolkin cycles comprise an 11.3 year period, the time for one major binary sunspot cycle to complete itself. “-Pg. 94 Earth Ascending.

THAT’s THE MAYAN TZOLKIN. 260 x 16 =4160. 365 x 11 + 121.6 = 4136.6. It’s approximate given the solar year is not exactly 365 days. The rotation of the earth around the sun varies, even more now than before and it changes Time and DNA in the process.

“The pulsations of each of the binary spots would account for eight Tzolkin apiece, the same number of Tzolkin that comprise the psi bank warp (Map 1). From this information it is possible to conclude that the Mayans, expert calendar makers, sun worshippers par excellence, in devising the sacred calendar for whatever purposes, were actually recording in binary code from both the pulsation of sunspot cycle activity and the warp texture of the psi bank.”

The endemic rhythm of the planet is a simple 2 against 3 beat. Try it yourself. Beat a simple 2 counts with the left hand while you beat an even triplet or 3 beats with the right hand. Below is Map 1.

This is an image of 4 Tzolkins together demonstrating the Binary Triplet configuration of the Sun Earth, and our DNA. You can also hear it musically as 2/3 time beat on a drum.

Enlarge this and study it. Note that it encapsulates the 260 sacred calendar with 13 horizontally across the top for each Tzolkin and 20 tribes down vertically. When you separate that into 3 sections, the N. Polar Zone, the Zone of Transformation or Z.O.T. and the S. Polar Zone of the Sun and the Earth it completes the Binary Triplet Configuration that creates the rhythm of our bodies, the earth and the sun as ONE unit. Our DNA evolves AS Rhythmic TIME through the movement of our Sun and Earth. This also overlays the human body. The Maya have always known this and tracked it. It’s never been any different. It’s ancient knowledge from our ancestors. Bless them.

We first present the primary warp or longitudinal pattern of the psi bank matrix in all of its simple, inclusive majesty. The warp represents the celestial, heavenly, the electromagnetic weave of the psi bank as distinct from the latitudinal woof, representing the terrestrial, biological, and historic pattern (see map 37). Both warp and woof each consist of eight sections for a total of sixteen mutually interfacing parts. While the warp has a pattern identifiable as a repetition of eight of the 260-unit (20 rows across x 13 vertical) Tzolkin or Tonalpohualli, the Sacred Calendar of ancient Mesoamerican civilization, the woof is based on the progression by eights of the sixty-four kua or binary linear pattern of I Ching.

Encoded in the psi bank warp are four sets of binary triplet configurations set ninety degrees apart conjoined at the zero latitude or equatorial line. The four ninety-degree divisions encompass THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH. The ninety-degree divisions also correspond to the progression of the seasons in their north/south polarity, for a total of eight sets, each defined and characterized by a binary triplet configuration. The primal symmetry and primordial order of the warp pattern of the psi bank matrix distinguish it as the aboriginal generative field from which all other patterns, systems, structures, and orders of being and knowing are derived. The most primary of these structures, of course, is the binary triplet configuration itself.”-Pg. 30 of Earth Ascending

To be continued.

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