Wednesday- 5Arginine; Blue 5 Overtone Eagle

  • Theme; 5 Arginine; Blue 5 Overtone Eagle; create, mind, vision, radiance
  • Analog; 5 Valine; Yellow 5 Overtone Seed; targeting, leader, cutting, pointed speech, leader, controlling
  • Guide Power; 5 Alanine; Blue 5 Overtone Night this morning.; abundance, mystical, confident, meditative, deep
  • Antipode; 5 Serine; Red 5 Overtone Serpent this afternoon until dusk; survival instinct, passionate
  • Hidden Wisdom; 9 Threonine; White 9 Solar World Bridger dusk to midnight; change and death, opportunity to PIVOT, new idea, equality
  • 5GForce; 9 Serine; Red 9 Solar Serpent

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