Full Moon in Scorpio and Pluto Retrograde; Shake-up for Yellow Sun (The Sun) and Blue Storm

The Sun is drastically changing THE EARTH and HUMAN BODIES right now.

The weather on earth and events on the sun are chaotic right now. The Covid-19 virus is hitting certain areas hard again. Nothing seems to letting up in fact it seems be getting worse. The energy at dusk and into the evening is so odd now. It feels like everything is changing quickly. I feel like crawling into a hole except my personal life and my business are going great. I’m staying in my self-generating vortex would be the reason, but family and friends are dropping like flies under the weight of reacting to the larger culture. I hope you’re not. It’s just very unnerving to vibe on the outside world and see things turning upside down.

Pluto mediates Yellow Sun and Blue Storm and is the farthest planet in our solar system from our Sun. We are in the energy of enlightenment and self-generation gone retrograde with this cycle. It seems like a boomerang energy to me since the Sun and Pluto are so distant.

In addition, there are a host of planets in Taurus right now; Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Black Lilith. Taurus rules Earth with co-ruler Venus, I guess and Earth mediates Blue Hand and Yellow Human. I can’t say Taurus’s are happy campers right now, at least not the ones I know. They’re all having a fit. In addition, if any of them has a lunar eclipse in Scorpio with the current full moon line-up the lunar lessons are going to be in their face and there will be offloading. There is much ambition for accomplishment, fame, and fortune from Taurus, Blue Hand, and Yellow Human kin right now. Scorpio and Black Lilith come along and churn up superficial attachment and resistance to learning spiritual lessons. Just sayin’ “How’s that goin’ for ya?”

Isoleucine and Glutamic Acid are in play here; HAND and HUMAN. Hand to the plow comes to mind.

Scorpio alignment also means a shake-up of deep underwater caverns and tectonic plate movement which is moved by the Sun and ruled by Pluto. Much synchronicity here.

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