The Earth is Time

There are 22 maps of the earth as Tzolkonic geomancy in Earth Ascending. They are complicated and I will try to decipher them so we can observe synchronicity with S.O. and daily weather events on the planet. The earth is programmed by the Tzolkin just as our bodies are. GAIA has a destiny as well and she is going to ascend with us.

The earth will not go away and neither will we but you do need to keep up because you have to change your own DNA. It’s not going to be done for you. You need to decide if you want to stay on the planet through ascension. That’s part of what viruses are for. They rev up your immune system to a higher level. That’s why you need to do what you can naturally to strengthen and get the virus, not resist it. If you resist it and get the RNA vaccine you’ll weaken over time.

DNA is Time and the Earth is Time. The rotation of the earth around the sun is not time. Movement is just 3D physical dimension.

The earth being born OUT OF THE SUN which was the case, created time and thus the commencement of evolution by revolution in every dimension near us.

We, DNA creatures are children of the earth. Because the earth is time we are time. Because God is love and we are born of God as children of God we are love, in time for awhile.

These are facts of nature that neither evil error nor artificial intelligence can change.

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