Saturday Daily Reading; Blue 1 Magnetic Monkey; Genetic Engineering on Earth

This is pretty much what we’re doing here only now it’s in a recliner in a house. Asparagine, Leucine, Asparagine, Cysteine, Aspartic Acid

Today is Blue 1 Magnetic Monkey or the commencement of the continuing genetic experiment on earth in this sector of the local universe. Earth is an experimental decimal planet per the Urantia Book and indeed, so many parts of the Tzolkin story align with the Urantia Book. We are planet number 606 by the way (not 666).

Rhesus Monkeys, the positive Rh factor in 85% of humans. There we are!

**There was another large earthquake east of Australia; 21° S, 175°W. Yellow Star Time Portal, the analog today, is 30°S–150°W so that is in full synchronicity today of movement there manifesting in 3D as a quake.** Our Sun has begun it’s primary chemical shift! It’s affecting our bodies, our DNA, our Minds, and our Souls. Best to roll with it and not resist. The PURPOSE of the viruses is to challenge our immune system to change and get stronger, just like a good muscle strengthening workout. Getting the vaccine is analogous to a prize fighter stopping in the middle of the fight and forfeiting the match because he’s tired. Hmmm. No. Earth will eat you up, vaccine or no vaccine unless you hone your power internally on your own. Human beings have a super power and the powers that be don’t want you to know it or feel it. Do it anyway. Meditate and work out.

Watch at 2:25 with the report on a “star on the edge of destruction”, again, in synchronicity with Yellow 1 Star analog today (and my hidden wisdom)

This is very interesting gateway today, dominated by VENUS and Mercury as the Hidden Wisdom. The Hidden Wisdom is Yesterday; White 13 Cosmic Dog.

Guide Power is Itself

Antipode is 1 Cysteine or Red 1 Magnetic Dragon. Our ancestors, the first tribe on the planet, Red Dragon or The Draco, ARE a challenge to us because they don’t want to give up the planet to humans. They started things here and they feel it’s theirs. It’s not. It might not END up being run by humans in the distant future but very soon, WE are going to be the managers here. We never have been before and this is a test. That’s why disclosure is so important. Our loving E.T. ancestors have left a pile of help for us which the military has in a vault underground. Word in my circle is that vault may be opened THIS JUNE. That’s a game-changer. Our planet would be different within a week and…the human species would finally be the admins. We shall see.

The 5GForce; 13 Methionine; Red 13 Cosmic Moon. Cosmic Start Codon (at the Alpha Point) It couldn’t be more synchronous than that. Humans are designed by our Creator to be passionate, emotionally purifying, universal water maybe for our local universe? mutable, strong in feelings and romantic. We are not an intellectual, rational species. Those that portend to be, in my opinion, are emotionally repressed.

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