Friday Daily Reading; White 13 Cosmic Dog

This is the Second Day of Implicate Order in HF33 and we are on the Omega Point; Kin130 Ω, Right in the Middle of the Tzolkin

In addition, we end the 13-day White Magnetic 1 Mirror Wavespell. The coordinate today is 33:10:13:130. This is the Trinity Coordinate coming straight in to our dimension from Implicate Order (Galactic Center).

Theme is 13 Aspartic Acid or White 13 Cosmic Dog; I endure in order to love. Transcending loyalty I seal the process of heart with the cosmic tone of presence. I am guided by the power of timelessness.

Analog is 13 Methionine; Red 13 Cosmic Moon or the COSMIC START CODON meaning our DNA was started with a seed of flowing universal water, true feeling, self-remembering, mutable or fickle, aware, strong in feelings and a romantic expander. There are plenty of humans or humanoids who are uncomfortable with the PASSION of humans but that is our nature; the way we were seeded and evolved for good reason.

Guide Power this morning is 13 Lysine or White 13 Cosmic Wizard. Wizard is a type of receptive Christ figure. To the Maya it was the Jaguar. This is enchantment and timelessness which takes us to higher dimensions. This is psychic, intelligent, aligned with Divine will, sensitive, heart-knowing, a shaman.

The antipode this afternoon is the 13 Stop Codon or upload to Galactic Center; Yellow 13 Cosmic Sun. This is a challenge because our Sun is in fits right now with CME’s and solar flares. It’s all on the S.O. videos I post. Our sun is DE-stabilizing, not stabilizing.

The Hidden Wisdom is tomorrow’s Alpha α Point theme; 1 Magnetic Asparagine or Blue 1 Magnetic Monkey. This is an illusory, holographic, creative initiator. It is artistic spontaneous, trickster, innocent and extraordinary. It’s also FICTION. The biggest problem on Earth is the Monkey Business which is a FICTIONAL MOVIE. That’s what life here is; not real. The monkey business is that everyone acts like it’s real, freaks out and gets negative and unkind. That creates spiritual karma. How things appear doesn’t matter. How THEY FEEL and what we do matters. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

The 5GForce is White 1 Dog or Magnetic Aspartic Acid- a seed of love and loyalty.

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