Wednesday Daily Reading; We are in HF33

Jose Arguelles is the founder of Earth Day as we enter HF33, the gateway to implicate order. Major synchronicity. Theme is Red 12 Crystal Moon.

Red 12 Crystal Moon is the Theme which is dedication to sealing the process of Universal Water. 12 is Cooperation. Today is about purification and universalizing flow in the the Mystic Column in HF33. These next four days are about lining up the DNA in all life on the planet to be purified so it can ascend and join the Universal stream. We are guided by the power of birth.

The analog is White 12 Crystal Dog

The Guide Power is Red 12 Crystal Dragon-cooperative nurturing

The antipode is Blue 12 Crystal Storm-cooperative self-generation or self-responsibility

The Hidden Wisdom is 2 Polarizing Glutamic Acid of Yellow 2 Human. Indeed, humans are being separated into two groups on the planet; those that want to ascend WITH the earth and those that are scared to death of CHANGE and will end up leaving. It’s a choice. Everything changes all the time. The 5GForce is 2 Polarizing Asparagine or Blue 2 Monkey.

The 5 Gforce upleveling the Theme is Blue 2 Polar Monkey, Kin 171; It clinches dualism for now, in our bodies.

“I polarize in order to play. Stabilizing illusion, I seal the process of magic with the lunar tone of challenge. I am guided by the power of abundance”

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