Wednesday Reading; We’re at the End of Harmonic 32. Tomorrow is Harmonic 33 and we are Nowhere.

Tomorrow the exhale ends at Kin 130 and the inhale begins at Kin 131. Watch the ONE SECOND PULSAR animation in the video at 1:25. That is exactly what the Tzolkin exhale and inhale looks like. Synchronicity. It is a nearly dead star with a one second pulsation. The magnetic field pattern known to come out of all sphere magnets in space.

What is spectral in our bodies? Our cells. Every seven years, every cell in our body is new. However, if our mind and feeling habits have not changed we look largely the same. We program our own physical cells either default or on purpose. If our mental and emotional state has gone negative, our body starts to age. If we are following the larger societal programming about inevitable aging and death, our body starts to age. It was commanded to by the majority. Do you follow the majority? Are they God? No.

Our DNA does not have to atrophy. It’s up to us to keep beautifying and releasing art. We can seal the store of elegance with the spectral tone of liberation by ceasing to obey the incorrect horde. Why is that so taboo? We’re guided by our own power; God in Us.

Theme is 11 Leucine or Yellow 11 Star. This is essentially the breakdown of the muscle tissue through muscle strengthening and totally changes our DNA.

Analog is 11 Asparagine or Blue 11 Spectral Monkey (Jose A.) This is letting go of the past and it’s traditions and getting on a new timeline that is AC or aboriginal continuity from the unconscious dreamtime; FUTURE to PRESENT.

The Guide Power this morning is ITSELF or yourself.

The antipode the afternoon is 11 Tyrosine or White 11 Mirror. Look in the mirror. Are you breaking it because you’re deteriorating from fear because you’re watching T.V. and obeying friends and family and getting the vaccine? or are you breaking the mirror because you’re looking younger in ascension, taking care of yourself, feeling more positive and shoring up your superior immune system?

The Hidden Wisdom is 3 Glutamine or Red 3 Skywalker. This focuses on the muscles again. Skywalker kin are known for being very strong along with Yellow Star. This is the electric tone that is bonding, is of service and activates.

The 5GForce is 3 Glutamic Acid or Yellow 3 Electric Human. These are humans that MOVE, are charismatic, and use their Life Force to change their bodies and their lives by working at pivoting their MINDSET to what they would prefer, from within themselves. Then they set about doing it.

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