Sunday Reading; Red 8 Galactic Serpent; Antipode 8 Blue Eagle is Enlil and Enki. The Story of the Annunaki

Please listen to the video below. It’s fascinating. He talks about the Maya. I’m referencing this history to my previous post because TIME IS MOVING these events through weather.

  • Theme; Red 8 Serpent
  • Analog; White 8 Wizard
  • Guide Power; 8 Red Moon
  • Antipode; 8 Blue Eagle
  • Hidden Wisdom; Yellow 6 Warrior; 6 Yellow Histidine!!! WARRIOR
  • 5GForce; Blue 6 Eagle

All conquering empires are UNSUSTAINABLE. Snakes are METAPHORS to describe what the real truth is. Snake knowledge is DRUID knowledge or Earth/female knowledge. In the Mayan culture the snake and represent it THE BEST. The Mother Spirit WEAVES the loom or our DNA and it’s pictured in THE TZOLKIN. Quetzacoatl, Kukulkan god of the Serpent. Amarooka (America).

The Pine Cone is the pineal gland. He talks at the end about visiting Chicchan-Itza.

In the Tzolkin, Blue Eagle is the ANTIPODE of Red Serpent. Blue Monkey is the ANTIPODE of Red Dragon.

The Annunaki were the ancient Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, and Babylonian. The CURRENT location of these ancient people is Mesopotamia; Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Syria.

Ancient Mesopotamia is right in the center.
The Founding Fathers didn’t want an Eagle as the U.S. symbol. Notice how much he mentions the Serpent-Dragon. At the end he talks about the Maya as the best at relaying the real story.

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