Sunday-13:20 Perception of Earth and 12:60 Perception of Earth. Something to Ponder for EARTH DAY. S.O. video is below.

First look at Jose’s perception of the earth and read what he has to say, then look at S.O. video on the bottom. Click on this please to enlarge it.

Pg. 39, Map 5 of Earth ASCENDING. Read the image on the right. The human body and our Minds, thought and emotions affect the earth. Our DNA is ONE with the Earth’s DNA. IMPORTANT! Our DNA is TIME as the EARTH’s DNA is TIME.

“The geomantic flowchart corresponds to the primary geomantic perception, heaven above, earth below, and man in between. As we have seen, these three designations correspond respectively to the electromagnetic, gravitational, and biopsychic fields of the primary resonant field model. The geomantic flowchart emphasize this three-part relationship as an organismic cycle revolving about the central axis which divides the model into two halves; man and weather.

As the two volatile variables between heaven and earth, man and the weather comprise a unique binary relationship, the mutual interaction of which has long been a recognized foundation of all systems of geomancy. More generally, the weather or left-hand side of the geomantic flowchart represents the total spectrum of the phenomenal world known to man, the so-called objective world. The right-hand side, representing the bio-psychic spectrum of internal and external sensations as well as all psychic impulses, corresponds to the so-called subjective world of mind. The totality of these two halves with all of their mutual correspondences, comprises the binary structure of nature and the holonomic model of knowing.

The facing model of a holonomic topocosm with evolved psi bank rings depicts a consciously harmonized planetary field structure, the primal model of which is represented by the geomantic flowchart. The horizontal rings represent the motions of the planet IN TIME–the gravitational field–while the vertical rings correspond to the cumulative articulations of the different psycho-cultural stages in the planet’s evolution toward a consciously harmonized condition. The lotus, from which emerges this planet with noosphere, to use de Chardin’s phrase, is the age-old symbol of purity and awakened intelligence.”-Jose Arguelles, Earth Ascending page 38.

April 18, 2021. 12:60 perception of what is happening on Earth. In synchronicity today, the I Ching Hx13 is the Creative Heaven and The Clinging Flame. Today is Red 8 Serpent which is ruled by Maldek which is actually MARS. The CME hit Mars.

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