Who Are The Andromedans?

I don’t know where Lyra is in context to our solar system nor does it make me feel any less homesick. I’ve done so many missions on earth I begin to believe that all I am is human but I absolutely know that is not the case.

We all hail from Lyra. Please read the article from the link below. The picture of the Andromedan on here looks almost exactly like my friend Andrea. Her son was my flute student. I always told her I thought her children were exceptional. Maybe they have a high level of Lyran in them.

LETTERS FROM ANDROMEDA The Andromedans are a very old breed. In fact, all human races are derived from the Lyra system. There is a lot of information on this. Billy Meier also talks about it. The human race, however, did not originally exist in the Lyra system – it came there from another galaxy, but in our galaxy it began its evolution in the Lyra system. According to the Andromedans, there are over 135 billion human beings in the 8 galaxies closest to ours. Nowadays other races are also here. Some of them have had many conflicts with the human race, and these conflicts continue. But a lot is being done now with the hope of alleviating this problem. It comes down to philosophy more than anything else.

Source: Who Are The Andromedans?

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