Thursday; 5 Glycine or White Overtone Wind

“I empower in order to communicate.

Commanding Breath, I seal the input of Spirit with the Overtone tone of Radiance.

I am guided by the power of Heart.”-Kin 122

The Dreamspell

The Tzolkin. Kin 122 in Red.

Across the top count 1, 21, 41, 61, 81, 101, 121, 141, 161, 181, 201, 221, 241. That is the kin number for the top square. Just count down to find your kin. Every row down is 20 and across the top is obviously 13.

This is on the app. The green squares are the G.A.P. kin which are the amino acids that the double helix pulses around to create the helix spiral. It will all be in my book.

Down the left side, top to bottom;

  • Cysteine-1
  • Glycine-2
  • Alanine-3
  • Valine-4
  • Serine-5
  • Threonine-6
  • Isoleucine-7
  • Leucine-8
  • Methionine Start Codon-9
  • Aspartic Acid-10
  • Asparagine-11
  • Glutamic Acid-12
  • Glutamine-13
  • Lysine-14
  • Arginine-15
  • Histidine-16
  • Phenylalanine-17
  • Tyrosine-18
  • Tryptophan-19
  • Stop Codon-20
  • Proline is a type of Stop Codon along with Tryptophan

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