Wednesday Reading; 4 Cysteine or Red 4 Self-Existing Dragon

” I define in order to Nurture. Measuring Being I seal the input of Birth with the self-existing tone of Form. I am guided by the power of navigation.”-

The Dreamspell Kin 121
Archetype for Red Dragon

Daenarius Targarian from Game of Thrones is a pretty worthy fictional character archetype of Red 4 Self-Existing Dragon. She is the Queen Mother of Dragons. Very epic.

The primordial mother, master of the human blood memory, the woman who has been usurped in the world we allowed men to create. We let it happen. Men are not to blame. Women are intrinsically very powerful. That offload is going to die hard. Women have defined their existence by their suffering. Nada.

It’s particularly appropriate for today because of Tone 4. Earth and humans have evolved in direct alignment to energies of 4; Measuring, Form, Definition. Tone 4 has the details like any good mother organizing her family for a road trip.

There is a checklist to avoid disaster. How are things taking shape? We are that way with our pregnancies too. Super-rational. When it comes to monumental physical events women go into our higher intuitive, super rational Mind. Men can’t touch it with a ten foot pole. It’s evolutionary.

I believe that with the Great Awakening, the genders will finally become equal and RESPECT each other. We always hear about the subjugation of women from the feminists on the left but in truth, HUMANITY has been bent under the lash into slavery on this prison planet. I’m sure men feel as oppressed by the last 10,000 years as much as women. I try not to be sexist about suffering. It’s fine for women to complain about our oppression but men are supposed to “man-up”. No. I’m not hanging with that. Women need to “Woman-up” with our great power. Take care of your body and health and be it’s sovereign. Take care of and make your own money and be it’s sovereign. Control your reproductive life. Don’t sacrifice your life, wants and needs for a man. No coddling because he’s so cute and you’ll do anything to get sex. It’s not good for men. It’s not good for children or humanity for women to be passive or overly aggressive. Just balance it.

Both genders now need to embody their goddess and god selves and mature. We are the daughters and sons of Source, not just mom and pop.

Analog; 4 Tyrosine or White 4 Mirror; self-reflection, order, and endlessness

Guide Power; 4 Phenylalanine or Red 4 Earth; Organize and navigate your own synchronicity. Are you paying attention to matrix cues or do you still think I’m all wet and crazy and isn’t this a fun game with this info.? It’s serious. We are multi-dimensional beings. If you have a “We’ll see about these E.T.’s” attitude and if it’s real or not you’re probably not going to make it through this ascension. We need to be meditating, intuiting and prepping now for all of the evolutionary changes to the earth and to us. If you’re still 3D clenching and think 3D is all there is and THIS is reality, it’s been nice knowing you.

Antipode; 4 Asparagine or Blue 4 Monkey; Self-Existing magic and creativity.

Hidden Wisdom; 10 Stop Codon or Yellow 10 Sun; This is a planetary, boots on the ground upload, end of DNA sequence to see where we stand in alignment with the solar system and Source. What’s the haps? I feel we are just about ready for the Big, nasty, horrific, nasty reveal regarding what’s been done to the earth and reality for the last eons. The absolute truth about what’s been done to children in the name of God in families and in religion. I think we’re ready accept the reason we’ve been so awful to ourselves and one another and heal it by accepting our vast internal power that IS GOD IN US.

We’re just beginning to see the truth revealed. Many lightworkers already know about horrific evil and it’s not our fault. We’ve been blaming ourselves not knowing the powers that have been over us on this planet. It’s going to end and the stories will come out, Thank God.

5GForce; 10 Tryptophan or Blue 10 Storm. See, there it is. More self-generation and big weather and earth events to make the shift. Stop Codon and Tryptophan both end the sequence, only now the DNA has more strands. We may be at 4-or 5 now for those that are awake. 3D clenchers will remain at 2 strands and will not ascend. And humanity on the whole is destined for 12-strand, maybe 13 once we have the feminine balanced.

Cysteine, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine, Asparagine, and Stop Codon.

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