Aligning To The Pleiadian Energies

This is a good one. To see the full article with art just click on the link below.

The Pleiadians are a very advanced ET race that exists on the higher planes above this 3D plane. If you are aligned with them energetically you will relate to their teachings and understand their world. They are master storytellers and teachers, their messages include light codes and triggers to help wake up the lower resonating beings at just the right moment. There is a Great cosmic drama playing out and it’s just about coming to a close. The human population is now finding out that a group of dark, nefarious beings has controlled humanity and Earth by deception. The reason for the cover-up of our entire existence is so our energy could be harvested lifetime after lifetime. This incredible amount of energy has been harvested and redirected for their use.

Source: Aligning To The Pleiadian Energies

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