Monday Reading

” I polarize in order to catalyze. Stabilizing energy I seal the matrix of self-generation with the polar tone of challenge. I am guided by the power of magic.”

My day has been pure polarization so far. The mantra couldn’t be more exact. As I always say, all you have to do it get up in the morning and it starts coming at you unsolicited.

  • Theme is 2 polarizing Tryptophan or 2 Blue Storm or stormy behavior, attitude and emotion
  • Analog is 2 polarizing Stop Codon or 2 Yellow Sun or the buck stops here
  • Guide power is 2 polarizing Asparagine or Blue 2 Monkey or human monkey business
  • Antipode is 2 polarizing Methionine or Red 2 Moon or purifying but polarizing emotions
  • Hidden Wisdom is 12 Crystal Glycine or White 2 Wind or cooperative or communal communication that is helpful.
  • 5 GForce is 12 Crystal Cysteine or Red 12 Dragon or blood memory karma with our own mothers that we all have to face.

We’ve got the Stop Codon for the tRNA sequence and the Start Codon for the tRNA sequence in the same themeplex. If your day is going anything like mine, that means the END of a relationship (any kind) and the beginning of a TRUE relationship (any kind) within a few hours. Earth is such a joy.

Just remember we are in End Times Madness and if you or anyone you know BELIEVES mainstream media or ABSORBS IT it like it’s food and water that they can’t live without, they are going to be out of alignment and nuts. So, we are polarizing, separating the wheat from the chaff. I hope you are wheat and have been heeding the lightworkers when they tell you to turn it off.

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