Stand UP and Request Assistance from our Allies

We are SOVEREIGN BEINGS. The Galactic Federation does NOT work with the Cabal. We have FREE WILL. It’s universal law and Tone 4; Self-Existing. Earth is structured according to 4. It’s the earth number! We are on this planet to learn to be self-existing and then unconditionally share who we are with others.

You have to ASK for help. We cannot just do it for you. You have to decide you are going to take charge of your own body and soul and will receive help to help yourself. RAISE YOUR FREQUENCY. This is your one job. Raise your consciousness that GOD IS IN YOU. You will not be vulnerable to mind control then. Turn OFF the T.V. Ignore the fear programming and live your life!

Fear comes from the OUTSIDE. Close your eyes, meditate and GO WITHIN YOURSELF. It’s all that matters. The HOLY SPIRIT is IN YOU. Get aligned from your core. Your blood and muscles are FULL of the power of the UNIVERSE. Your BODY is a holy super temple.

The star tetrahedron that Michael starts spinning in the previous video is a type of pineal gland that is naturally in our brains. I get dizzy and feel like I’m going to hurl when he spins that thing. My pineal gland spins so hard already that I have to stop and meditate to calibrate it so I can maintain my physical illusion. Our eyes are just a type of movie projector projecting our own collective movie onto the hologram of earth. None of this is real. BUT, we are participating in the movie for a reason, because like any good movie, it moves our minds and emotions and those ARE real.

The pineal gland is a stargate and it the key to the higher brain, our intuition. Mine has been spinning my whole life and I’ve been called plenty of names by my own family and those who I thought were friends, for being the way I am. I don’t care about them anymore. They are on their path and I’m on mine. Maybe they’ll wake up and apologize and maybe they won’t because the Lightworkers will be proven to be correct.

Our Allies are;

  • The GGLN-The Global Galactic League of Nations
  • The Earth Alliance
  • Sphere Being Alliance
  • U.S. SP (Space Force that Trump formed)
  • The Pleiadeans
  • The Blue Avians
  • The Blue Spheres
  • Jesus Christ-our Creator
  • Mother Spirit
  • God the Father
  • U.S. Lightworkers (me and millions of others)
  • Ourselves and each other as long as we sit in Love, not Shadow, asleep, money, or religion.

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