Saturday Reading; Apr.10.2021

  • Theme is 13 Phenylalanine, Red 13 Cosmic Earth
  • Analog is 13 Glycine
  • Guide Power was 13 Cysteine
  • Antipode is 13 Isoleucine
  • Hidden Wisdom is 1 Valine

Attributes for the day are transcending synchronicity to cosmic evolution of body and mind, LITERALLY, navigating your own matrix and the larger matrix, birth, blood memory, the primordial mother, making peace with The Dragon, Physical healing challenges and setting a seed of intention.

Below is Map 7 from Earth Ascending. I’m working with it today in fact. It applies the I Ching hexagrams that are translated to our DNA Nucleotides to the EARTH. It also shows the seasons as the earth rotates and if you go down to the bottom right you see in the middle the 0’s and 1’s attribution of 3D binary computer code. I’m adding it to my book for grins thinking they may already have it but it is the I Ching designation according the the hexagrams. I’m pretty sure our computer programs are already based on the I Ching as I’ve said before.

Also notice how the last line says, “64 hexagrams combine into 20 amino acids”. I didn’t see this map in the book until AFTER I read Dr. Chavez’s paper where he delineated them himself separately.

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