Galactic Federation News; They are Taking Military Action on Mars

So…this is wild stuff but my intuition says it’s spot on. Try to keep an open mind and just listen. The video is below

Earth Alliance is benevolent. We already know that Reptilians, Sychars, Greys and Tall Whites are not benevolent. The Galactic Federation has our backs as do the Pleiadeans, although I believe some Pleiadeans are in the Galactic Federation. Also benevolent is the human Earth Alliance, and the E.T. Blue Avians and Blue Spheres although they are not military at all.

There are active operations on behalf of humanity, on Mars and Moon against satellites that have mind control mechanisms.

Very important; The Germans and the Americans are not allies. They are competitors on Mars. There is a portal in the U.S. that allows American corporate interests to portal to Mars for meetings.

It’s illegal to destroy human built satellites but the Greys get humans to build satellites for the Deep State and then they can only disrupt the satellite. Hive Mind is from the Greys. There is a master computer under the U.S. but they’re saying it’s not working.

Elon Musk has Starlink satellites. He is competing with another corporation for control of the planet. He was on Mars with NASA at the meeting in the main U.S. human facility. There were Reptilian officers there.

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