Friday Daily Reading

  • Theme: 12 Histidine, Yellow 12 Crystal Warrior
  • Analog; 12 Alanine
  • Guide Power: 12 Leucine
  • Antipode: 12 Threonine
  • Hidden Wisdom; 2 Serine
  • 5GForce; 2 Valine

We are in HF29 and I Ching Hx29 which is 6th row down, far right column in the 64 grid array of 8, pulse of 260 that merges the Tzolkin with the I Ching. When he talks about the sunspots, see below how they move the Tzolkin matrix of the earth and we already know they move us.

From Earth Ascending. The top right image is the sunspot matrix pattern with binary triplet frequencies.

The image of the planet on the left shows positive and negative charge and the triplet pulses in the North of the planet in binary. The Tzolkin overlays the planet as well as our bodies. Dots 1, 2, and 3 designate North Polar Zone, Zone of Transformation and the South Polar Zone. That is the triplet aspect. Then the planet is split in two, positive and negative which is binary. The Mystic Column down the middle is the Axis of the Eternal Present (An aspect of TIME)

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