The Zone of Transformation

The MUON is more magnetic than they realize. You can replace dark energy with unseen magnetism. Unseen ELM particles that are nanoparticles contain it. That’s spectral talk. Visionary premonition and intuition changes the whole paradigm.

Just because the earth’s magnetic field is CHANGING and we don’t know what’s going to happen doesn’t mean it’s FAILING. This may be a difference in perspective based on gender. The earth is going to be fine. Where humans decide to ride it out will decide whether they live or not.

Maybe Tzolkin Earth Science will be more tantalizing to you than Tzolkin molecular biology. Far be it from me. I’m geeked out on the molecular biology and amino acids but most of you don’t seem to be. I think people like big, dramatic earth movement. Kind of like bunchie jumping. Yeah, I’m not into it.

But…the Tzolkin controls vast earth cycles, weather, you name it as well as all Life and DNA on the planet. We know for sure that the Earth is ascending just as we are so maybe I’ll change the focus of my page.

I will start to add TZOLKONIC GEOMANCY to these posts so you can get the idea that DNA and TIME are one with EARTH. Maybe that has to sink in before you apply it to your body? I don’t know. There is an awful lot of false negative programming about the body and downright zero education for people about their bodies. I thought people needed to understand their DNA better. We’re in charge of it. It’s evolving via the RNA. It’s not set in stone by your birth family.

Below is one image of about 15 images from Earth Ascending again. In fact, Jose, the founder of Earth Day which is coming up on April 22, focused on the Tzolkin overlaying the Earth more than the body. You can start to get a historical perspective from this.

Today, we are kin 115 in the Zone of Transformation on the Earth so we land in the 6th column about 3/4 of the way down. It has a negative charge and is a G.A.P. kin, a galactic activation portal. The GAP kin create an ELM pull of the two helix’s into each other so that they wrap around one another and create a spiral. The negative polarity is the AC strand or aboriginal continuity vibration in our bodies and on the planet. That is FUTURE back to PRESENT. It makes us sleep because the unconscious mind is stimulated by the pineal gland or the third unified spiritual eye in the brain that produces melatonin and makes us go to sleep. It’s the stargate. Today is a very sleepy day and the Moon is in Pisces, a sleepy sign.

Now apply that to the geography of the planet. Where is the kin on the planet? I don’t know yet. South of the Equator. We are Blue 11 Eagle but the tribe’s time portal is not the same as the kin pulse because the kin is made up of 5 tribes or amino acids. I’ll have to look into it.

Earth Ascending Map 16

The image below is 8 Full Tzolkins; the top 4 right side up and the bottom 4 upside down indicating how the geomancy actually functions from northern hemisphere to southern hemisphere. Please look at the pencil line I drew on the left from today’s kin in the north to today’s kin in the south. The location is 30° N– 45°W in both hemispheres but they are diagonal from each other just as the amino acids are in the themeplexes as they line up with the nucleotides. It’s the N. Atlantic Ocean. This is what creates the spin of the double helix and likely the earth as well.

Earth Ascending Map 1

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