Monday Reading; Yellow 8 Galactic Human Glutamic Acid

The focus of the human mind in a group is the most powerful force on the planet. The focused human mind and heart trumps the effects of food, water, medicines, money, stuff, others, you name it. Time to get on the beam. It’s OUR planet, it’s OUR lives and we are here to CREATE in empowerment and Love and then share it.

I harmonize in order to influence

Modeling wisdom, I seal the process of free will with the galactic tone of integrity.

I am guided by the power of intelligence.

I am a galactic activation portal. Enter. me.”-The Tzolkin-kin 112

This is the evolving tRNA today. Notice the similarities; NH2, H3C, OH, and O. This is also a G.A.P. Kin. 28:12:8:112. I woke straight awake last night at 12:12am. I rarely see 12:12 but now here it is in this kin. I’d been pondering changing the format of my posts to start to dig into the Amino Acids so we can internalize this as TIME.

Methionine is the Start Codon.

  • Theme: Yellow 8 Human
  • Analog; Blue 8 Hand
  • Guide Power; Yellow 8 Warrior
  • Antipode: White 8 Wind
  • Hidden Wisdom; Red 6 Moon
Histidine (l-histidine, his, H) amino acid molecule. Skeletal formula.

Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, and Sulfur. This is what you see in combination here. Note the sulfur molecule in a Red tribe, methionine. Earth was started with Sulfur by Red Dragon (Cysteine). The planet used to be mostly sulfur. You can see the relationship to each other above.

The human body uses cysteine to produce the antioxidant glutathione, as well as the amino acid taurine. The body can also convert cysteine into glucose for a source of energy. Cysteine also plays a role in the communication between immune system cells.

Methionine is an antioxidant. It may help protect the body from damage caused by ionizing radiation. It may detoxify harmful substances in the body, such as heavy metals. It may also prevent liver damage from acetaminophen poisoning.

The NSAIDS; acetaminophen and Ibuprofen used in daily doses are changing human DNA. Nice. (sarcasm) Methionine is the start codon so without it, you will no be sequencing new RNA to change the DNA in the cell nucleus and it will cause aging and dis-ease. These are unnecessary if you use NATURAL MEDICINE. My treatments are highly analgesic as is muscle strengthening. Oxidative stress is a major cause of dis-ease. Methionine is ANTI-oxidant.

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