Dreamspell 2.0? Dreamspell 1.0 has been over for awhile now.

I NEVER wear a mask. A year ago, March 2020 to March 2021.

Watch the video first.

The Alpha and Omega point he’s talking about are IN our DNA in a specific spot which means that it is IN TIME on specific days. Yes, all he says about timelessness, but while we are on THIS planet in a body, we are DNA TIME TRAVELERS and need to set our compass. That compass is The Tzolkin; 13:20 coordinate.

The ALPHA point is I Ching Hexagram 56 which is nucleotide TAG governed by Yellow Sun Tribe, the Stop Codon in the Amino Acids. It falls at Harmonic Family 40, 896.4 Hz, South Polar Zone on the planet, 4D, 40:17:1:57. The Harmonic is Red 1 Earth, White 2 Polar Mirror, Blue 3 Electric Storm and Yellow 4 Self-Existing Sun. There are 20!!! Amino Acids evolving in themeplex in this Harmonic which I believe to be tRNA molecules. I couldn’t have this more pegged if I tried harder.

The four THEME Amino Acids in the ALPHA Harmonic are Phenylalanine, Tyrosine, Tryptophan, and the Stop Codon. To jump on an ALPHA point internally we have to magnetize Phenylalanine in our body, move through dualistic, polarizing and stabilizing self-examination with 2 Tyrosine (look in the mirror), get electrified or a lightning bolt to our ass by 3 Tryptophan and settle in to SELF-EXISTING CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, sit BY YOURSELF and love yourself as Christ did in the 4 Stop Codon (Yellow Sun). I mean, really, plain as the nose on my face.

The OMEGA POINT is I Ching Hx12 and Hx 33. Hx 12 is nucleotide TGA and governs harmonic 52. This is 961.2 Hz, 1D, 52:5:10:205 in the N. Polar Zone on the planet. It begins with Red 10 Planetary Serpent or 10 Serine and ends with Yellow 13 Star of 13 Leucine. In this one we move into the Zone of Transformation with 11 Spectral White World Bridger. This seems to be a historical ending point as we then move to Blue 12 Hand and Yellow 13 Star. Still it’s in our DNA. The second omega point is Hx33 or Harmonic 36, 874.8 Hz, 2D, 36:1:11:141 inn the N. Polar Zone on the planet. It moves from 11 Red Dragon , 12 White Wind, 13 Blue Night to Yellow 1 Seed.

As you well know, these ALPHA and OMEGA points FALL ON SPECIFIC days or kin as we are here revolving around our Sun. It’s not random. Please not that our RNA changes our DNA in the nucleus of every cell of our body according to the SUN SPOT CYCLE every 11.3 years. As Corey Goode said, “Earth is a Library”. Earth is a genetic-time evolutionary library for the entire local universe. It’s housed in the CRYSTAL core and caverns of the earth. The Earth is seriously protected by Universe Personalities.

At the end where Sacha is talking about meditation, that’s the Dan Tian just below the navel. It’s a crossover place between the 3rd power chakra and the 2nd sacral emotional chakra. Our souls are empowered by expressing ourselves THROUGH OUR MOUTHS, breathing and singing from the 5th chakra, not by masking it. As he says “Take off the damn mask”. I order my groceries and sundries so I don’t have to look at people masked up.

Everything Sacha says about the results of being cut off from the outside is absolutely correct. He’s right about not attacking false power actors. They’re slaves.

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