The Lazarus Initiative. More Sacha Stone

Simon Parkes surfaces in this one at the one hour mark. He’s got a great vibe and quite a family history with intelligence agencies. The social media trolls love to bash him. He has a huge following.

David Sereda is really great on this about how frequencies can nullify deleterious effects of cell phones and A.I. Very soon we’re all going to be playing these frequencies on our phones at the same time to take out destructive ELM, A.I., and microwaves, etc.

YouTube censored Sacha and took it it down. So…go to for details and go to to ride the frequency train when it pulls into the station. I’m hoping they figured out which frequency fries Reptilians brains so we can get them off the planet.


2 Replies to “The Lazarus Initiative. More Sacha Stone”

  1. I can’t find any of the Lazarus initiative videos. I caught the end last night of the David Serada interview broadcasting live, can’t find the entire video anywhere. Just “video deleted”. Hell no! Where to go Sasha?

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