Tuesday Reading; White 2 Polar World Bridger Threonine

Today is Joe Bidens’s birth themeplex and tomorrow is Trump. There is synchronicity staring us in the face. Their destinies are next to each other in life and in the Universe; same thing. All of the line-ups in the Tzolkin are an expression of DNA as Time, as Life. That’s why I write this blog and do what I do.

Threonine, Glutamine, Tyrosine, Histidine, Arginine

Theme is 2Threonine; White 2 World Bridger; walking a tightrope of wholeness and separation. In shadow, World Bridger doesn’t forgive, keeps fighting and doesn’t surrender, instead of transforming it alienates, is one dimensional, selfish not caring about the community and grounded in Reptilians, not in Spirit. That’s what we’re dealing with right now.

Analog is 2 Glutamine or Red 2 Skywalker which could also be someone in shadow; someone asleep, a bit lazy, not very popular, kind of dumb, materialistic, afraid of challenges and socially unprincipled. I don’t know the people around him. This is probably someone on his staff since it’s an analog.

Guide Power this morning is 2 Tyrosine or White 2 Polar Mirror; dualistic vision, seeing two side of the coin, two faces. We are seeing two Presidents.

The antipode this afternoon is 2 Histidine or Yellow 2 Polar Warrior. There is challenge to intelligence and wise choice all around.

The Hidden Wisdom is 12 Arginine or Blue 12 Crystal Eagle. Does the collective have enough vision to see what’s really going on? I post enough videos on here for you to know the donkey in the room is FULL DISCLOSURE. Biden is not running things. Trump said that the other day and everyone knows it even if the left won’t admit it. This planet is run by the Raptors and the Reptilians. The humans need to run it now and bring all the tech to the surface to keep us safe for the pole shift/solar flare. We have 8-10 years to get the surface transformed.

The 5GForce is 12 Lysine or White 12 Crystal Wizard. This sounds like the Nordic groups to me. They look like us.

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