Sunday Reading; 13 Valine or Yellow 13 Cosmic Seed. We are at the End of the 13-day Cycle

Valine, Arginine, Leucine, Lysine, Phenylalanine

The theme is 13 Valine or Yellow 13 Cosmic Seed mediated by Jupiter the planet of the Pentagon (5 sides); This is an active dynamic, a spiritual creator full of DNA potential, an influencer and a targeted lecturer. Seed people don’t listen much unless they’re trying to surmise what your usefulness might be. They expect you to listen to their focused teaching or they’re not too happy. Every Yellow Seed kin I know is like this. I think it’s the influence of Jupiter which rules Sagittarius. The truth is they do have much expertise to share and are great teachers so maybe we should just sit quiet and take it in. Just because we listen doesn’t mean we have to obey and it’s important that they know they can’t expect you to obey them. They don’t like that either but have a lesson in not being so controlling. Humans on earth are very programmable but ultimately we are not controllable because of FREE-WILL. It’s embedded in our DNA.

The analog is 13 Arginine or Blue 13 Cosmic Eagle; a cosmic visionary, exacting (targeting), believes in Self, dreamer, logical and hopeful.

The Guide power this morning was 13 Leucine or Yellow 13 Cosmic Star. Something or someone absolutely beautiful and harmonious in vibe and appearance. The kind of person that has worked SO hard on this planet that they are on top. Most people have no idea how hard it is to achieve near perfection in ART or in BODY (same thing) and become jealous and hateful. There is big karma for that shadow vibe. Instead, we should listen and learn from these kin.

The antipode right now and this afternoon is 13 Lysine or White 13 Cosmic Wizard Jaguar. This kin is very psychic, intelligent, aligned with the DIVINE, a heart-knowing shaman. Note that this is THE OPPOSITE of EGO. It seems egotistical to most when someone works hard to be the best or perfect, yet that’s what Tone 13 works toward. That doesn’t mean WE ARE PERFECT, it means that we have a vision for what Earth and our bodies could be that would bring us and society more beauty and joy. It’s all for beauty and joy. For those that are cynical or lazy and don’t believe beauty and joy ARE POSSIBLE on this planet, they hate our striving and don’t we know it. It doesn’t stop Tone 13. We seek to share as long as we aren’t abused.

The Hidden Wisdom at dusk is 1 Phenylalanine or Red 1 Magnetic Red Earth. This is synchronicity with purpose and unification to navigate and evolve in 3D. This energy tracks clues, observes, governs the earth force shields and is the earth keeper. This is a crystal healer.

The 5GForce is 1 Histidine or Yellow 1 Magnetic Warrior; Magnetic Intelligent Mental Focus

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