Friday Reading; White 11 Wind Glycine Dissolves Ego in Communication

We land on the Spectral Tone 11 of Liberation. It’s about letting go and being present in the moment, realizing that the ascension of the Earth is the Ascension of us so we need to pay attention to what’s really going on with the planet

Glycine, Phenylalanine, Glycine, Glutamic Acid, Tryptophan

Theme is White 11 Spectral Wind of 11 Glycine. Tone 11 kin are idealistic and speak the truth directly so that it dissolves denial and illusion of those that are afraid. These kin may be good listeners and very humane.

Analog is 11 Phenylalanine (Red 11 Earth) which brings SYNCHRONICITY to this kin doing the work of the universe on this dense planet, dissolving people’s illusions about trying to grab onto a ghost, a phantasm that is the physical world around us. This themeplex dissolves 3D clenching. 3D is JUST one dimension and it is forever in flux because IT IS TIME. Time doesn’t stand still, it keeps moving and we need to let go of the past. If we keep thinking about it, we stay on that timeline and keep re-creating it. Let’s hop on AC, future to present and work on changing those details.

Guide Power right now, this morning, it ITSELF. Read THEME above.

Antipode this afternoon is 11 Glutamic Acid (Yellow 11 Human). People who speak out directly and say the truth are not popular. Our holographic matrix in Time thrives on denial, fantasy and lies. These kin will have none of that. They are gift and a challenge.

Hidden Wisdom is 3 Tryptophan (Blue 3 Electric Storm) and we may get a lightning storm tonight. It’s been storming for 4 days in Michigan while we’ve been moving through Yellow Sun∞Blue Storm line-up. My intuition says we’re gearing up for something epic again when it comes to clearing out the D.S. All the disclosure people say we are far from done and Trump is coming out swinging again. This is not about politics but The Awakening for humanity.

5GForce is White 3 Electric Mirror or 3 Tyrosine. Similar to yesterday we are doing a little more potent self-examination.

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