Wednesday Reading; 9Stop Codon or Yellow 9 Solar Sun

We have DOUBLE Sun today. Tone 9 is Solar and Yellow Sun Archetype

Theme; Stop Codon in the Amino Acid Sequence (Yellow 9 Sun); The Stop Codon ENDS a DNA sequence and directs the information through the Sun to Galactic Center. Then it will begin again with the start codon; Methionine in 10 days. Universal Fire, Christ Consciousness, Communication from Galactic Center, Realizing Intention

Analog is 9Tryptophan (Blue 9 Solar Storm); Catalyze and Self-Generation

Guide Power this morning for two more minutes has been 9Histidine; Pulsing questions and intelligence. We must be realistic and keep our high standards. (Yellow 9 Solar Warrior)

Stop Codon, Tryptophan, Histidine, Aspartic Acid, Cysteine

The Antipode right now, this afternoon is (sigh) 9Aspartic Acid (White 9 Solar Dog); A helpful mellow energy, consistent and faithful. People aren’t consistent though, they are fickle and they lie. That makes remaining faithful to others a big challenge. I am always faithful and consistent with myself if only there were reciprocation somewhere on this planet that was true and not fake.

The Hidden Wisdom is 5Cysteine (Red 5 Overtone Dragon); Creative energy, protective, powerful and supportive. We’ll See!

The 5GForce is 5Stop Codon (Yellow 5 Sun) so this should be a good day with good things to report. We only have control over ourselves and our work. I know that is correct for sure. The Universe always has our backs without fail if we listen. Humans do not. That is correct for sure also.

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