Wednesday; 9Stop Codon or Yellow 9 Solar Sun

We have DOUBLE Sun today. Tone 9 is Solar and Yellow Sun Archetype

Theme; Stop Codon in the Amino Acid Sequence (Yellow 9 Sun); The Stop Codon ENDS a DNA sequence and directs the information through the Sun to Galactic Center. Then it will begin again with the start codon; Methionine in 10 days. Universal Fire, Christ Consciousness, Communication from Galactic Center, Realizing Intention

Analog is 9Tryptophan (Blue 9 Solar Storm); Catalyze and Self-Generation

Guide Power this morning for two more minutes has been 9Histidine; Pulsing questions and intelligence. We must be realistic and keep our high standards. (Yellow 9 Solar Warrior)

The Antipode right now, this afternoon is (sigh) 9Aspartic Acid (White 9 Solar Dog); A helpful mellow energy, consistent and faithful. People aren’t consistent though, they are fickle and they lie. That makes remaining faithful to others a big challenge. I am always faithful and consistent with myself if only there were reciprocation somewhere on this planet that was true and not fake.

The Hidden Wisdom is 5Cysteine (Red 5 Overtone Dragon); Creative energy, protective, powerful and supportive. We’ll See!

The 5GForce is 5Stop Codon (Yellow 5 Sun) so this should be a good day with good things to report. We only have control over ourselves and our work. I know that is correct for sure. The Universe always has our backs without fail if we listen. Humans do not. That is correct for sure also.

Stop Codon, Tryptophan, Histidine, Aspartic Acid, Cysteine

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