Pluto Mediates the Day in the Cosmic and Local System; 8 Tryptophan ∞ 8 Stop Codon

Theme is Blue 8 Galactic Storm Analog Yellow 8 Galactic Sun. We’re uploading info. about our choices to galactic center today via our minds of course and we could get a rain storm. Especially with Antipode Red 8 Galactic Moon or 8Mercury; purifying flow of feelings.

The Pluto-Mercury aspects are in exact synchronicity with what you will read below. My advice is to keep your head down and keep working or walking today. This is the kind of energy where if you deal with someone who is very asleep to themselves and the universe they could say or do something that would land you or them in very hot water; foolishness afoot.

You get to be the adult today and watch your back. If you’ve got good work to do these aspects can be super creative. Guide Power right now is Blue 8 Galactic Night or 8Alanine which can help with deep logic and deciphering clues to a mystery. The discipline of Saturn mediates.

The Hidden Wisdom is 6Glycine or White 6 Wind. Whatever is said, there will be some balancing truth in it. This is about communication which the Mercury aspect mediates.

The 5GForce is 6Cysteine or Red Dragon. These ancient ancestors don’t have the right to interfere but they can monitor us. They began it all truth be told. But apparently something went awry and now they are kept at arms length. The ego is wearing out it’s welcome on the planet.

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THEME Blue Storm mediated by PLUTO
  • A Pluto-Chiron quintile perfects today. With this long-term influence, we’re exceptionally creative and clever about solving dilemmas, particularly those that may have been holding us back from personal growth and development.
  • The focus can be on the courage to go deep to repair and heal. It may help give us clues about how to integrate our personal and material pursuits.
Antipode Red Moon mediated by Mercury
  • However, Mercury forms a square with Mars today, and both bodies form minor squares to Pluto.
  • We can be impatient or belligerent if communications are not going over smoothly.
  • We can find ourselves too quickly in disagreement with others, possibly due to ineffective or impatient communications.
  • There can be some paranoid thinking with this combination, and attempts to push our story or perspective can be lessons in frustration.
  • We should watch for hasty communications and skipping steps.
  • We may be competing for the floor when expressing our ideas, thoughts, and opinions, making it difficult to engage in healthy dialogue.
  • We tend to have a bigger investment in outcomes today, and tensions run high if we don’t get our way. It can be difficult to fully commit to what we choose to do, as much as we’d like to, without the distractions of Pluto-related worries, concerns, and challenges.
  • While competition can be motivating at times, we might take it a little too seriously today.
  • If we harness these energies and use them for good, we might develop intelligent strategies to get to the bottom of a matter.
  • The Moon continues its transit of protective Cancer until 5:56 PM EDT, after which it moves through proud Leo. Leo is ruled by the Sun.
Yellow Sun is the ANALOG today
  • The void Moon occurs from 11:26 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (an opposition to Pluto), until the Moon enters Leo at 5:56 PM EDT.

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